Saturday, May 12, 2012

About doing other people homework (funny functional programming in Python)...

Some time ago there was a kid who asked us to perform his homework. The assignment was to write a program that took 10 numbers from the user and print sum and average. It was a matter of utmost urgency, according to him.

Unfortunately enough, back then I decided that doing his homework was bad. I think it would have been far funnier if he would give his teacher this program:

(lambda it, sys: (
    lambda n: (
        lambda F, nxt: nxt(
                lambda dummy: (F(int) * F(raw_input))(),
                it.takewhile(lambda m: m < n, it.count()))
                type('F+', (object, ), {
                    '__init__' : lambda self, f: setattr(self, 'f', f),
                    '__mul__': lambda self, g:
                        type(self)(lambda *stuff: self.f(g(*stuff))),
                    '__call__': lambda self, *stuff: self.f(*stuff)}),
                lambda seq: sys.stdout.write(
                    "%d %f" % (

Next time, I will surely do this sort of things. By the way, what about Python not being functional enough?
Yeah... it is not really PEP compliant. Don't think it matters, though.
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