Travel to Eastern Europe

If you like traveling, make Eastern Europe your next holiday destination. A visit to Eastern Europe is a wonderful step back and a 5-star destination. These are some of the best places to travel to with a car rent.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland, is located on the beautiful Vistula and has a long and emotional history. Legend has it that Krakow was founded in the conquest of the Dragon of Krakow and this legendary creature appears in emblematic places, souvenirs, and statues throughout the city. This charming medieval old town was once a dazzling business center of the Slovanic and is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the largest commercial center in Europe. The Wawel Royal Castle, the stone church of Adalbert and the Schindler Museum are the best places to visit for their experiences.

Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw was destroyed during World War II. After the extensive reconstruction of some of the ancient structures that occurred exactly as before and the reconstruction of a structure as the final reproduction of their former nature, Warsaw was restored to its former size.

Warsaw is now a charming old town with hot bars, milk bars, a bustling business district and much more. Enjoy the traditional pierogi in the warm bistros. Today, Warsaw is a great combination of old and new, offering a mix of societies with a wide selection of food, drinks, music, and history. Experience the old Warsaw in the old town with its old buildings or visit the Warsaw Uprising exhibition hall and the new bar in Warszawa Powisle.

National Park of Saxon Switzerland.

It is located on the eastern edge of Germany close to Czech Republic. It is a lovely native habitat, about an hour’s trip east of Dresden and one and a 30mins drive north of Prague. Entry to this park is free. The Saxon Switzerland National Park regularly hosts forests, streams, and waterfalls. The fascination is the Bastei Bridge, a forced and brilliant development of ordinary stone.

For recreation seekers, the leisure center offers numerous exercises. In the leisure center, there are numerous places that are ideal for climbing. In addition, there are excellent climbing routes for explorers, climbers, and cyclists.


In Eastern Europe, there are a large number of these packaged assets that seduce you with their rich social heritage and unfathomable encounters that must be experienced in a unique way. Plan in advance and book the best package of visits from Eastern Europe to discover the splendor of the less common but equally charming side of Europe and also hire car rent.

Road Trip Routes For an USA Adventure

There is almost nothing better than an American road trip using car rental 24 hours. Who can resist the appeal of this famous American adventure? The wind in your hair, the temptation of the open road, the freedom will make you see everything. This is enough for your adventure engine to work at high speed!

Ideas on where to visit during your road trip

Route 66

When it comes to routes to US flights UU., There is nothing but Route 66. The trip from Chicago to Los Angeles is long and straight and can be completed in less than five days, although it is advisable to extend your trips for several weeks (or even one month) to benefit from this experience. You can stop by US truck, city and motel stop. UU., And if you want a little adventure, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas are easily accessible. Whether you feel itchy on the road like Jack Kerouac or you look for your kicks, this mythical journey will give you a closer look at the classic American spirit.

Road Trip Route 66 Usa Nevada Holiday California

Highway of the Pacific coast

This wonderful trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles will take you, and yes, it is important to start in San Francisco, because the views are much better than this trend. You can experience and able to view all the natural beauty and uniqueness of the Pacific Coast directly and at your own pace, with everything from remote coastal cities, government parks to forests and red beaches.

The loop of las vegas

Las Vegas Loop will take you from the Las Vegas bar, which has bright lighting, to the wild west, predominantly Roman, all on a long, straight empty highway in the United States. You will have a seat in the first row of the red rocks of the desert, the lush national parks and the history and culture of the local people of Navajo.

Invest in travel insurance

Before being completely immersed in the excitement of an American adventure, it is important to make sure that you are safe and covered. You should seriously consider investing in travel insurance. If you decide to rent a car, choose the additional option for excess car insurance. This is a wise choice to calm down in case of something unfortunate: after all, while playing with Thelma and Louise, you never know when an accident or theft can occur. Taking the safe side is better than apologizing, right?

With all that, you can surrender to the appeal of the road trip using car rental 24 hours. There is nothing more romantic than an American road trip, and there are no better trips from the classic 66 route, the beautiful Pacific coast, and the beautiful Las Vegas adventure loop.

3-Day Denver ITINERARY

Denver is an active, vibrant city with over 300 sun shine days, beautiful blue skies, as well as amazing rocky mountain scenes.

It’s worth visiting the city to explore, experience and discover why visitors flock the city throughout the year. Get prepared for a unique shopping experience, sight seeing among other amazing attractions with the help of our exciting itinerary.

However, your Denver trip will not be complete if you will be using public transport to move to places. To make it more amazing, use thrifty car rental Denver airport phone number that will offer you quality and luxurious services.

Day One: Walking and ‘Shopping In Downtown Denver

Spend your first day in Denver having a taste of world class shopping experience in Denver Downtown. There are various iconic shopping malls such as Denver pavilions which features restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, movie theater among others.

There are amazing places you can visit and get full entertainment throughout the day. Beautiful museum, arts centers, five-Star restaurants, among other amazing destinations. Be ready to walk and shop in various fantastic destinations.

Day Two: Take a Cab Or Book a Sight Seeing Tour

It’s time to visit beautiful and wonderful sights in Denver. To make the experience unique, get a cab from rent a car denver to facilitate your movement.

There are various beautiful, colorful and wonderful sites worth visiting when you travel to Denver. You can book to visit attraction sites such as Denver Buffalos Herd, Buffalo Bills Museum and Grave, Red Rock Parks and Amphitheatre.

Other amazing sites worth visiting include Denver Arts Museum, Clyfford Still Museum as well as history Colorado Center.

There are endless attractions you can visit and have a unique and memorable experience in Denver.

Day Three: Day Trips to Nearby Towns Or Rocky Mountains

Your Denver trip can’t be complete without visiting beautiful rocky mountains and shining towns full of friendly and beautiful people. There are many things to explore and discover in Denver’s beautiful rocky mountains.

Some of the rocky mountains to explore and enjoy amazing recreational activities include Mt. Evans among others. Beautiful towns such as Golden, Georgetown among others are worth visiting. Also, you can visit attractions such as Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, the Rocky Mountains National park.


Once you have managed to visit all the above named beautiful places, you will have made much out of Denver trip. However, your Denver trip will be incomplete if you won’t get a cab to make your move easy. No other cab services will offer you quality services other than rent a car denver.

Hottest vacation convertibles

Summer comes with many pleasures, like beach visits and barbeque. However, for car enthusiasts, summer is an implication of the convertible season. There is no argument that convertibles are exciting to drive all year round, but when it is summer and the sun is in the blue skies, even those people who are not car enthusiasts will feel the itch to cruise around with a convertible. If you are in need for a convertible this summer, 24 car rental is here to make it easy for you. You’ll probably find the latest and hottest of summer from which you’ll be free to choose from. Here are the best options:

Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 Spider is perhaps a dream come true in terms of form and function, for convertible lovers. The curves of this car evoke the classic Porsche 550 spider that was driven by the star James Dean in the 1950s. Being a 21st-century car, this convertible has all the latest technologies and amenities available for serious sports car connoisseur.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

This is just another car that is going to waves on the high, during the coming months of summer. The convertible has a hard top that will keep the inside of the car safe in all conditions. Besides, the car’s hardtop doesn’t compromise the clean lines of the car when the top is up. Driving at night? Well, no worry. This Mazda convertible has a unique lighting feature that lights up the headlights as far as 15% through the steering wheel so that you have better illuminating especially on corners at night.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

You might not agree most things that Jaguar has done over the last decade, but there is no one type of convertible you would praise and love than the f-type. Speed, luxury, and prestige, all merge to give you a true convertible experience. You will have nothing but the most memorable time in this car.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante

Being a most recent launch of Aston Martin, this convertible ideally adds to the company’s reputation for buttery, stealthy, and powerful car models. A rear valance, an integrated spoiler, and a carbon fiber front splitter together with the painted graphics with different color choices and combos will offer you the wild feeling that no other convertible could do.


Regardless of your budget or personal preference may be, 24 car rental will offer you the hottest new convertibles for this year’s summer.

The Top Five Resorts in the U.S. for Spring Vacations

Below Are The Best Resorts in the U.S. for Spring Holidays where you can visit with your family during the March to April spring holiday.T o make sure you enjoy this vacation you can hire car rental 24 services to enable you to enjoy the trip to the highest.

Atlantic City

Cool casino games have made Atlantic City a popular place on the East Coast, but that’s not all that it offers. Atlantic City also has the oldest ride in the country with car rental 24, which stretches for six miles. You can also hire guides on the boardwalk, which leave you in an old-fashioned wheelchair for hotels especially Caesars’ with good restaurants, resorts, shops, and casinos if you’re not wandering. Several bridges on the promenade offer even more attractions.

Bethany Beach, Del

Fewer people live in the seaside town of Bethany Beach, but multiple people come to each summer vacation. The stretch is known for the tranquility and Bethany Beach Boardwalk, a nice, well-maintained passage from popular coastal locations such as Atlantic City.

Fewer people live in the seaside town of Bethany Beach, but multiple people come to each summer vacation. The stretch is known for the tranquility and Bethany Beach Boardwalk, a nice, well-maintained passage from popular coastal locations such as Atlantic City.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod peninsula has many small settlements, beaches, docks, lighthouses, and beaneries. Cape Cod is a magnificent place to have fun with breakfast or design antiques. For decades, it has been a favorite holiday stop on the east coast, notably in Kennedy. Visitors can play in all sorts of water sports, campsites, cycles, hiking and extra much. Though, several do not appear to be aware of the historical importance of the region; Provincetown, the anchoring place for the first pilgrims, is at the end of the peninsula.

Cape May, NJ

Cape May is a federal landmark since 1976, Cape May is recognized for its Victorian design and fantastic beach, making it the most beautiful city in the state. It is worth visiting the famous lighthouse and scaling its 199 steps to admire the breathtaking view of the city and the coast. Animal fans will love it too because following dolphins and whales are common, and the Cape May Observatory attracts bird watchers.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The city of Lake Geneva has an inclusive law that says that all the properties of the lakeshore should allow the use of part of their land on the path enclosing the entire lake. Bicycles are not permitted, allowing for a delightful and relaxing trip without impeding with cyclists who are moving at a longer crazy pace. Hiring a boat to go to the lake to sail or parasailing makes it soo pleasant. Adorable small shops offer all kinds of trinkets and tourist commodities to take them domestically.

Miami beach

Located eastward from Miami and Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach is established on a barrier island and is loaded with seaside resorts and a majestic view of the Miami skyline. As the spring break the city is filled with people, so in the earlier crowds of beaches are brought into the streets, obstructing traffic and creating total confusion. A trip at the onset of March and April, in which Miami-Dade fairs and displays are taking place, will mean sharing in one of the greatest and multiple successful fairs in the country.

The above resorts in the US are the best to tour especially when riding car rental 24 services which will make your tour enjoyable since the car rental 24 has experienced personnel in these resorts.

The Major Exotic Restaurants in San Diego

Restaurants in San Diego offer a variety of dishes. You can enjoy the cuisine from almost every country. While on vacation in San Diego, you may be tempted to stick to your favorite national networks, such as Olive Garden and Chili’s, because this is the food you know and love. To experience this city, its advisable to use a rental car. Here are some of the major exotic restaurants in San Diego:

Local Breakfast Favorite restaurant

The broken yolk on the Pacific beach was opened in 1979. It is famous for huge portions and more than 20 variants of omelets. The restaurant is informal and close to the coast. Plan to queue at the table if you come on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Manchester Grand Hyatt restaurant

This hotel boasts an excellent seafront location and offers luxurious amenities for the whole family. With stunning views of the bay from many parts of the hotel, including the pool and many rooms, you can also enjoy the time on the tennis courts or the relaxing Kin Spa. The Hyatt is just a few minutes’ walks from the beautiful harbor village, bay cruises, restaurants, and exciting nightlife, as well as the Gaslamp district.

The Omni restaurant

This 4-star hotel is very close to the Gaslamp district, opposite the Congress Center and has its own walkway leading to Petco Park where you can play the Padres game. Hotel Omni offers great views of the bay, city center, and baseball stadium. It offers fantastic top-level accommodation, including the best gourmet restaurants, and an outdoor terrace with a fireplace, a heated pool, and a hot tub.

Local Lunch Favorite restaurant

To say that Point Loma Seafood is a local favorite is nothing to say. Many residents do not want tourists to know about this popular place for lunch. This restaurant is really a fish market that has become famous thanks to the menu of hot dishes. You can find home-made soups and sourdough bread that make you think you’re in San Francisco. The place is located just above the water, and you can watch fishing boats while eating. For a remarkable local experience, be bold and try a calamari sandwich. You will not regret it.

DoubleTree restaurant

A relaxing stay from the hustle and bustle of the city renovated rooms with a light and calm atmosphere. Most standard rooms have balconies overlooking the harbor or the city center, ideal for relaxing afternoons or romantic evenings.

Hard Rock restaurant

Last but not least, for people looking for extra emotions in their stay, Hard Rock Hotel offers a combination of service with four diamonds, as well as the convenience to complete rock and roll. The hotel is located at the beginning of the Gaslamp Quarter, so all the clubs, restaurants and shows are within walking distance. Hard Rock Hotel offers an atmosphere of passion, excitement and just rock and roll.

Local Dinner Favorite restaurant

The Old Town Mexican Cafe in the Old Town has been a favorite place for decades. It’s a place where you can taste traditional Mexican dishes. It has a relaxing atmosphere, both inside and outside. While waiting for a table, be sure to see how Mexican ladies make homemade cakes in ancient tradition with their own hands, not a cake machine. The most popular items on the menu are tulle and carnitine.

These are just a few San Diego restaurants that are local favorites. Always use a rental car when exploring the above-mentioned restaurants.