3-Day Denver ITINERARY

Denver is an active, vibrant city with over 300 sun shine days, beautiful blue skies, as well as amazing rocky mountain scenes.

It’s worth visiting the city to explore, experience and discover why visitors flock the city throughout the year. Get prepared for a unique shopping experience, sight seeing among other amazing attractions with the help of our exciting itinerary.

However, your Denver trip will not be complete if you will be using public transport to move to places. To make it more amazing, use thrifty car rental Denver airport phone number that will offer you quality and luxurious services.

Day One: Walking and ‘Shopping In Downtown Denver

Spend your first day in Denver having a taste of world class shopping experience in Denver Downtown. There are various iconic shopping malls such as Denver pavilions which features restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, movie theater among others.

There are amazing places you can visit and get full entertainment throughout the day. Beautiful museum, arts centers, five-Star restaurants, among other amazing destinations. Be ready to walk and shop in various fantastic destinations.

Day Two: Take a Cab Or Book a Sight Seeing Tour

It’s time to visit beautiful and wonderful sights in Denver. To make the experience unique, get a cab from rent a car denver to facilitate your movement.

There are various beautiful, colorful and wonderful sites worth visiting when you travel to Denver. You can book to visit attraction sites such as Denver Buffalos Herd, Buffalo Bills Museum and Grave, Red Rock Parks and Amphitheatre.

Other amazing sites worth visiting include Denver Arts Museum, Clyfford Still Museum as well as history Colorado Center.

There are endless attractions you can visit and have a unique and memorable experience in Denver.

Day Three: Day Trips to Nearby Towns Or Rocky Mountains

Your Denver trip can’t be complete without visiting beautiful rocky mountains and shining towns full of friendly and beautiful people. There are many things to explore and discover in Denver’s beautiful rocky mountains.

Some of the rocky mountains to explore and enjoy amazing recreational activities include Mt. Evans among others. Beautiful towns such as Golden, Georgetown among others are worth visiting. Also, you can visit attractions such as Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, the Rocky Mountains National park.


Once you have managed to visit all the above named beautiful places, you will have made much out of Denver trip. However, your Denver trip will be incomplete if you won’t get a cab to make your move easy. No other cab services will offer you quality services other than rent a car denver.