Road Trip Routes For an USA Adventure

There is almost nothing better than an American road trip using car rental 24 hours. Who can resist the appeal of this famous American adventure? The wind in your hair, the temptation of the open road, the freedom will make you see everything. This is enough for your adventure engine to work at high speed!

Ideas on where to visit during your road trip

Route 66

When it comes to routes to US flights UU., There is nothing but Route 66. The trip from Chicago to Los Angeles is long and straight and can be completed in less than five days, although it is advisable to extend your trips for several weeks (or even one month) to benefit from this experience. You can stop by US truck, city and motel stop. UU., And if you want a little adventure, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas are easily accessible. Whether you feel itchy on the road like Jack Kerouac or you look for your kicks, this mythical journey will give you a closer look at the classic American spirit.

Road Trip Route 66 Usa Nevada Holiday California

Highway of the Pacific coast

This wonderful trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles will take you, and yes, it is important to start in San Francisco, because the views are much better than this trend. You can experience and able to view all the natural beauty and uniqueness of the Pacific Coast directly and at your own pace, with everything from remote coastal cities, government parks to forests and red beaches.

The loop of las vegas

Las Vegas Loop will take you from the Las Vegas bar, which has bright lighting, to the wild west, predominantly Roman, all on a long, straight empty highway in the United States. You will have a seat in the first row of the red rocks of the desert, the lush national parks and the history and culture of the local people of Navajo.

Invest in travel insurance

Before being completely immersed in the excitement of an American adventure, it is important to make sure that you are safe and covered. You should seriously consider investing in travel insurance. If you decide to rent a car, choose the additional option for excess car insurance. This is a wise choice to calm down in case of something unfortunate: after all, while playing with Thelma and Louise, you never know when an accident or theft can occur. Taking the safe side is better than apologizing, right?

With all that, you can surrender to the appeal of the road trip using car rental 24 hours. There is nothing more romantic than an American road trip, and there are no better trips from the classic 66 route, the beautiful Pacific coast, and the beautiful Las Vegas adventure loop.